Sud Concept is a youth cooperative founded in 2008, serving as both a consultancy office and training organization in the Corsica-PACA region and overseas departments. With the national Qualiopi brand, they ensure high-quality services in professional training, skills assessments, and prior experience validation. Their multidisciplinary team of 18 operates across France and the European Union, focusing on five main areas:

  1. Training & Integration: Offering professional skills assessments and support in health & safety and quality approaches.
  2. Development Strategies: Assisting in local development, business creation, and sustainable tourism strategies.
  3. International Projects: Designing and evaluating international cooperation projects funded by community funds.
  4. Policy Evaluation: Assessing public policies and systems.
  5. Feasibility Studies: Conducting audits and analyses in the field of Integration.

Additionally, they’ve been involved in various projects, emphasizing innovative learning methods and promoting active-learning programs.

Elderberry AB, based in Hagersten, Sweden, is a seasoned youth education organization. With a 20-year track record in EU projects, they specialize in various educational sectors, including school, adult, VET, youth, IT/coding/STEM, and special needs, often integrating socio-cultural and urban elements. Their team boasts published educational authors and has expertise in both traditional educational material creation and eLearning. They emphasize contemporary educational methodologies, including formal, informal, and non-formal approaches, and employ problem- and scenario-based learning. Additionally, Elderberry AB has developed its own Joomla-based Learning Management System for online training, offering a range of digital resources like eCourses and eTool kits.

Their extensive experience spans coordinating and partnering in EU projects, leading educational content development, continuous professional development for youth workers, and crafting web-based learning solutions., headquartered in Vienna, Austria, stands as a leading private training and education provider, especially for youth. Part of the eduPRO group with branches in Austria, Germany, and Hungary, they offer high-caliber educational and training services in youth and adult education. Operating multiple training centers in Vienna, they employ over 200 trainers and consultants. Their expertise spans more than two decades in vocational, youth, and business training.

Key initiatives include apprentice workshops for youths aged 15-19 in diverse professional areas, and the “Youth-workshop” project, which offers professional orientation to help young individuals discover their career paths. They’ve also developed “Level Up!”, a game-based blended learning program to help youth develop personal resources. Beyond national endeavors, is involved in international project development and management, participating in projects that support workforce upskilling, further education, and digitalization. They also host the ip-forum, merging traditional art with digital tools.

SOC Blended Learning Limited, based in Dublin, Ireland, is a prominent service provider in youth education, particularly in the realm of digital literacy. As one of Europe’s leading computer science and coding educators, they offer specialized services to young individuals and youth organizations. Their offerings span coding provisions for youth centers, robotic coding workshops, STEM activity days, and interventions in computing and maths for young adults, especially those identified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) in Ireland.

Additionally, they play a significant role in e-safety, collaborating with the Dublin Police Crime Commissioner to mitigate cyberbullying and cybercrimes among teenagers and young adults. Their initiatives aim to deter youth from criminal activities, promoting continued education or employment. They also assist youth workers in strategizing to prevent young adults from becoming NEET and engaging in street crimes.

SOC Blended Learning also emphasizes digital solutions, offering live video courses for individuals aged 15 to 30. Their presence in computer science and technology education is notable, providing learning experiences that are engaging and enjoyable for the youth.

UNESSA, a civil society organization based in Belgium, is dedicated to supporting youth. As a federation, it encompasses seven diverse sectors, including early childhood care, youth care, general hospitals, socio-professional integration, elderly care, disability support, and mental health. Their mission revolves around aiding affiliated institutions in constructing their projects, coordinating policies for the primary interest of beneficiaries, and advocating for their members with authorities.

Key values that guide UNESSA’s actions include:

  • Upholding human dignity.
  • Ensuring service quality.
  • Commitment to an inclusive society.
  • Non-profit orientation.
  • Accessibility of services in terms of location and cost.
  • Transparent and open governance.
  • Freedom of association and initiative.

UNESSA federates 900 structures across Wallonia and Brussels, representing a workforce of nearly 60,000. Their team of 55 professionals possesses expertise across various sectors. They’ve expanded their reach by integrating new sectors, such as disability support, youth assistance, and early childhood care. This expansion allows UNESSA to present a broad perspective of the associative world, emphasizing reception, care, social integration, and the social economy. Their strong connection with field professionals facilitates social innovation at local, regional, federal, and European levels.

Smartians Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, located in Szeged, Hungary, is a recognized social enterprise. Their primary focus lies in the realm of youth engagement, specifically offering participation in youth-led events and activities that promote youth involvement. Established with the vision of fostering youth participation, Smartians is dedicated to creating platforms and opportunities that empower young individuals to take active roles in various events and initiatives. Their commitment to youth-centric activities underscores their belief in the potential of young people to drive change and make meaningful contributions to society.

Through their endeavors, Smartians aims to provide the youth with avenues to express their ideas, collaborate on projects, and be at the forefront of community-driven activities.